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Pregame – Garden Shock – Pietrus To Make Unexpected Return Tonight

A shocking situation has arisen tonight in TD Garden. Mickael Pietrus will make his return to the lineup after missing the last 10 games with a Grade III concussion.

As recently as about a week and a half ago, Pietrus was coming to the Garden to see his teammates with sunglasses over his eyes due to sensitivity to light. Now, after passing all of the necessary tests, he’s active and will play in tonight’s game against the Atlanta Hawks.

“I didn’t expect to see him this year, so anything is good,” Doc Rivers said of Pietrus’ miraculous return. “It’s surprising.”

To say the least. Pietrus was seen on the floor about two hours before the game playing one-on-one with teammate E’Twaun Moore. Seeing that was a shock, but finding out that he’ll now be playing is even more of a surprise.

Pietrus himself was even coy about the situation. He spoke to the press before his coach did, and the only indication he gave of a possible return was when he stated how well he’s been feeling.

“It’s fine now,” Pietrus chirped. “It’s perfect.”

He went on to say that he was holding out hope that he’d be on the bench with his teammates Friday night in Toronto.

Nice one, Pietrus. He knew the entire time that he would not only be on the bench with his teammates tonight, he’d also be on the floor making contributions.

Don’t expect big minutes from No. 28, though. Even with Ray Allen missing tonight’s game with recurring ankle pain, Rivers says that Pietrus’ minutes will be very, very limited. Expect to see about five to 10 minutes of action for Pietrus.

At this point, any minutes at all are a shock to most of us.

- Marc D'Amico